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10 Photo Hanging Tips That Transform Your Space and Life

10 Photo Hanging Tips That Transform Your Space and Life

The way you hang your photos can quickly transform your space and life. Not the easiest task to get things lined up correctly, you can spend more than your fair share of time trying to perfect the look of a wall with little success. Lucky for you, people have mastered the art of hanging photos and have passed their knowledge onto you. We’ve got a few tips to help you along the way, too.

Become an Expert at Hanging Photos Right the First Time

When it comes to displaying your photos, you can never get too much help from other people. Doing so allows you to create a room with personality and to share the many adventures you and your family have embarked upon throughout the years. A gallery wall filled with your favorite Snap Canvases has its benefits because you can easily change out each canvas with a new photo whenever you want to change things up without needing to buy new picture frames. Here are ten photo hanging tips that transform your space and life:

  1. Use the correct wall mount. Some options are far less effective than others. Consider the weight of the frame that you’replanning on hanging, and then choose the right hardware to hold it.
  2. Have the right tools on hand to get the job done fast. Get your toolbox ready so that you don’t need to spend extra time searching for the right nail or wall hook. When you have your photos ready, make sure that your tools are available, too.
  3. Hang photos at eye level. You want to be able to see them without issue. You can always add other décor items above the photos. Hanging them where you can reach them allows you to switch out your SnapCanvases more frequently and to dust without needing a step stool or ladder.
  4. Make good use of the negative space you have between focus pieces. You’ll have a lot of filler room to work with after hanging the photos. Use it to include small pieces of artwork or décor items to create a truly expressive gallery wall. You’ll love how it tells you and your family’s story.
  5. Hang the largest photograph or piece of artwork in the middle of the wall and arrange other photos and art around it. Make it the focal point. Everything else that you hang around it can contribute to the story. Don’t be afraid to mix and match vintage and modern items for a truly eclectic look.
  6. Mark the wall with tape to make sure that you hang photos evenly. It’s oneway to keep yourself from hanging and rehanging frames. You’ll have the photo hung evenly on the wall the first time you attempt to work with it. That means less stress and fewer items to adjust before deeming the project complete.
  7. Use a level if you need to for more accurate measurements. It helps you hang things in a straight line. You’ll know that each frame is even and accurate when you see the photos lined up. A level is something that can come in handy, so make sure to buy one for your home.
  8. Hang photos uniformly or to create a shape. You don’t need to have a straight line of photos unless you want the wall to look that way. You can also hang them in a shape. You can mix small and large photos, too.
  9. Make sure to hammer nails firmly into the wall. If you don’t do this, you’ll have a lot of holes to fill in. The first time that you need to spackle a wall because you didn’t hammer a nail into it correctly will likely be the last time you let that happen. Hammer with a good amount of force, but not so much that you damage the drywall.
  10. Adjust crooked photos after stepping back to assess your handiwork. Take a step back to look things over once you have all the photos in place. Ifpicturesarehanging sideways, fix them. You may need to do this a few times until you’re100 percent satisfied.

If you want to avoid putting holes into your walls by attempting to hang photos and wall art straight every time, follow the tips listed above. Many solutions make hanging objects fast and easy for you. The ten suggestions listed here make fast work out of the hardest hanging jobs.

Display Snap Canvaseson a Wall or Shelf

You don’t need to mount Snap Canvases on the wall. If you prefer to display them on a shelf or mantle, you can. The backings on the frame allow you to choose how to showcase your photographs by giving you both options.

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