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6 Wall Art Trends to Help You Create the Best Wall Art

Wall art sets the mood of a living space while conveying a message. The beauty of creating your wall art is that you can tailor it to your style and personality. Many people, however, struggle with finding grounding pieces for their spaces. Here are popular wall art trends to help you get some ideas.  

  • Line Art

If you are big on minimalism, line art drawings make an excellent addition to your wall art. The art pieces comprise simple black lines on a white background. The idea is to exploit the negative space on the drawing to create a dramatic visual statement. Line art pieces work well in lit spaces and interior spaces with white and neutral colors. You can also style them with earthy-colored and pale pink accessories. The simplicity of the look allows you to experiment with many interior styles including collector’s eclectic, minimalist, or maximalist.

  • Custom Wall Art

You don’t have to spend much to decorate your wall; instead, you can download your favorite photos from the smartphone, print them, and attach them on SnapCanvases frame for use as a wall art piece. You can also use family pics, a geographical print of a meaningful place, a quote you live by, create a welcoming vibe to your living space.

Custom wall art allows you to showcase your creativity, artistic flair, and personality. Remember, you can manipulate images to match the existing décor by enhancing the saturation scale to add vibrance, deepening the greens to complement the outdoors, or adding pinks to match your rosy curtain draping.

  • Female Figures

More women are rising to areas of prominence through movements like #MeToo. As such, artists have taken to creating evocative female wall art in a bid to celebrate them. The pieces are reflective of feminist empowerment while showcasing female role models in society. Most such prints have earthy color schemes.

  • Geometrical Forms

Geometric prints are a trending design not just in wall art but also in runway fashion and company branding. The art pieces are loaded with rich tones, triangles, and modern accents to transform walls into eye-catching focal points. The beauty of geometric wall art is that you don’t have to play by design rules; you can incorporate several bold colors by embracing asymmetry. The result is an exciting twist of the mid-century art with a modern flair.

  • Biophilic Design

As more people desire to create calming and relaxing spaces, there has been a notable shift to art pieces with green hues. Biophilia is one such design that enables artists to create art pieces that display natural landscapes, plants, flowers, and greenery. Such wall art is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also connects you to the natural environment.

  • Bold Abstract Art

The art combines varying colors and shapes to create a bright and sensual statement. Such art may display dramatic street-oriented colors and shapes, geometry, or soft feminine stains to bring visual stillness into a room. What’s more, some artists employ the color blocking style to combine contemporary aesthetics with the throwback culture creating an attractive modern look.

These ideas should help transform your gallery wall art to a focal point of your living room. Keep in mind; it’s not just about finding a trending piece of art but also mastering the art of displaying the pieces to achieve the desired effect.

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