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How to Lean Art Pieces for a Neat, Cohesive Living Space

You’ve just printed your favorite canvases and picked the perfect space to display the pieces but don’t like the grueling task of hanging the artwork. Good news! You don’t have to hang the art pieces; lean them up against the shelf, floor, cabinet, or mantel for a casual-looking and refined gallery wall art. What’s more, you can mix large and small pieces if you aren’t set on creating a specific look. Here are some benefits of leaning art pieces and ideas on the best ways to display them:

Benefits of Leaning Art

  • Makes it easy to create a layered look: An obvious advantage of leaning art is the ability to layer large and small pieces to make a space pop. Layering adds depth and unique visual interest to a space, instantly transforming a simple shelf into an installation piece.
  • Transforms a small space: Art pieces create visual intrigue and personality to a small living space taking your mind off the limited square footage. The leaning artwork becomes the room’s focal point making it appear larger than it is.
  • Easy to change: The beauty of leaning art pieces on surfaces is that you can switch up the details to transform a space to the desired theme. Whether you want a minimalist look, modern, or vintage look, position them on different surfaces to complement the existing theme.

Tips on How to Lean Art Pieces

Here are great ideas to help you make the perfect decision when setting up your art pieces.

On a Bookshelf

Displaying the art pieces where book spines are usually stacked creates not only interest but also dimension to a living space. A stacked shelf doubles up as a centerpiece for framed SnapCanvases and other décor objects. Moreover, you don’t have to lean one piece; layer small pieces in front of larger ones for a clustered and fresh look.

Use Different Heights

Display the art pieces at different heights to make it look intentional. You can use different colors, frames, and canvases if looking to create a bohemian appearance or the same color palette and frame for a sleeker and more refined appearance.

Go Bold with Large Art Pieces

Suppose you want to create a bold statement, lean oversize art pieces on the floor. It saves you the stress of figuring out how to hang the heavy art pieces on the wall. Also, you can heft it up high on a mantel or table to create that wow effect.

On the Mantel

The mantel atop a home’s fireplace is another perfect place for displaying your favorite focal piece. It has excellent width and height to line up the art pieces providing the perfect eye-level according to many decorating experts. You may display the art pieces alone or mix them up with artistic objects for an edgier look.

Combine the Pieces with a Vignette

The idea is to lean the pieces against a high mid-room dresser, table, or other storage pieces. You can also create a vignette by mixing the art pieces with other accessories. When using this approach, avoid leaning the pieces against small surfaces as it may appear out of place and call attention to the fact that it’s not hanging.

You don’t have to hang art pieces when creating gallery wall art; leaning the pieces against surfaces goes a long way too. If not sure about the type of art pieces or photos to complement your décor, borrow a few tips from our Mix and Match Wall Décor article.

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