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Mix and Match Wall Décor: Tips That Make a Room Stand Out

Mix and Match Wall Décor Tips That Make a Room Stand Out 

Part of the fun in decorating a room is allowing your creativity to come to light. Free to express yourself in whatever way you choose, your walls serve as a blank canvas for you to explore. When creating a room that stands out aesthetically, consider mixing and matching wall décor for best results. You can easily group items in an arrangement that pleases the eye and maximizes the space that you have available to you.

Wall Decorating 101

This short guide is one that you can refer to whenever you need help making your room look and feel more like something you love. Best of all, the tips listed here are ones that you can implement right away, making it easy to have a wall filled with your favorite photographs and decorations before the day’s end. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get started, we’ll demonstrate how easy designing an attractive and memorable wall space is using your favorite photos.

Some mix and match wall décor tips that make a room stand out include:  

  • Playing with scale. Mixing and matching small and large items together can make for an interesting arrangement. Working décor items in with photographs and art can create a gallery wall with personality plus. You can fill in areas of the wall with smaller photos and pieces of art.
  • Experimenting with a theme. Perhaps, you want to highlight all the fantastic countries you toured while traveling. Including photos and souvenirs from the various places in the world you visited can make for an interesting room layout. You can apply this approach with any theme you choose to showcase in your home.
  • Giving each item meaning. What you include on your walls should matter. It needs to be something that feels truly special and representative of you, your likes, and your values. If it isn’t something you love, replace it with something that makes you feel happy when you look at it.  
  • Including old and new. Including old and new items in the same space can be very tastefully done. You can opt to use pictures from decades past and include modern knick-knacks alongside them for an attractive mix of classic and modern memorabilia. 

How you choose to complete your wall is entirely up to you. The suggestions listed above all work well with the Snap Canvases that you purchase. You can easily hang several together uniformly to create cohesiveness. You can also stagger them to create a shape or to tell a personal and meaningful story about your spouse, children, pets, or travels. 

Create a Gallery Wall That Mixes and Matches Your Favorite Photographs 

Part of the fun of decorating a room is mixing and matching wall décor. It’s one of the easiest ways to invite fun and personality into a space. Thanks to Snap Canvases and their Print-at-Home Canvas Kits, you have three different photographs to choose from with each kit you buy. Whenever you’re ready to change things out, you can do so quickly and easily thanks to our innovative snap-together wall décor.

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