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SnapCanvases: A How-To Guide

SnapCanvases: A How-To Guide

Your home is your castle, and you should treat it as such. That’s why any old wall art won’t do the trick. You want the apartment or house that you live in to be a reflection of your personality, life experiences, and values. Otherwise, it doesn’t feel like the beautiful, calm place that you feel comfortable in. 

Custom wall art that you create at home with your own printer and photographs sounds like a wonderful idea, right? You may have no clue, however, how the process works. Don’t worry! We wouldn’t expect you to know a thing about our custom wall art kits without introducing them to you. 

Your Guide to Ordering and Using SnapCanvases

To help you see the value in SnapCanvases, we’ve created this short, but helpful, how-to guide for you to refer to often. It allows you to understand the ordering process as well as how to assemble your kit once it arrives. It’s a valuable resource that helps familiarize you with our company and products so that you have fewer questions to ask.

What You Need to Do to Order Your SnapCanvas Kit

Once you’re on the SnapCanvas website, you’ll want to go to the tab that reads, “BuyNow.” Doing so allows you to see the product and read its description. Select the number of kits you want to buy and add to the cart. A dropdown menu will alert you to the contents of the shopping cart. You have the choice to “Continue Shopping,” or view the cart with the number of items selected and the price before taxes and shipping get calculated. At the bottom of the page, you can enter a promo code or opt to checkout. There are options to pay by clicking the button of the payment processor of your choice or to enter payment information manually. The page where you enter your shipping information also allows you to enter a promo code. Finally, you’ll see the total price you’ll pay with taxes and shipping included. You can pay by credit or debit card. You also have the opportunity once again to choose a payment processor and log into its account to finalize the sale. 

How to Get Your Photos Ready

Five steps get your pictures ready for display. We’ve listed them in the order below for you to follow. Ordering multiple kits allows you to display more of your photos throughout your home.

Step One: Print the Photo of Your Choice

Using an inkjet printer and our Perfect Print Tool, print a custom, archival canvas within minutes. There are no lengthy instructions to follow. At the click of a button, it’s cropped and ready to print.

Step Two: Tear the Photo Out

Using the perforations as a guide, tear out your photo so that it’s ready to hang.

Step Three: Place the Photo on Our Custom SnapFrame

Line up the photograph and snap each side into place.

Step Four: Hang or Display your SnapCanvas

We’ve designed the back to either stand on a surface or hang on a wall. If you have more than one kit available, you can do both.

Step Five: Repeat by Buying Additional Kits

Three photograph printing sheets come with each SnapFrame. When you want to change things up, switch out the photo, and enjoy a new image.

Place an Order Today and Keep This Guide Bookmarked for Reference Purposes

Now that you know how SnapCanvases work, you’ll be able to order kits and put them together with ease. You’re also aware of how to switch out the photographs to change up the mood you’re trying to convey inside the room. You can refer to the instructions in this how-to guide as often as necessary until you can create snapped-together canvases without assistance.

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