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How to Choose the Best Photos for Your Wall Gallery

How to Choose the Best Photos for Your Wall Gallery

When setting up a wall gallery for the first time, there are some things you should do to make the process easier for yourself. The first is to come up with a theme or arrangement that makes the selection process quicker. You don’t want to spend more time searching for the perfect photo or painting to add to the wall than completing the task at hand. 

The Photo Selection Process Explained

Selecting the photos that you want to display is deeply personal. After all, it’s your home and pictures that you’re showcasing. To help you make the hard decision, we’ve listed some processes that make identifying the best options for you to choose from apparent right from the start. Here is how to choose the best photos for your wall gallery:

  • Consider how much space you have to work with before starting the project.
  • Take accurate measurements and determine how much negative space you want to leave open. Most photos are hung at eye-level so that they can be seen and enjoyed by everyone who encounters them. You can, however, deviate from the arrangement by hanging photos in a grid or shape, such as a heart.

  • Select a theme that you want to feature.
  • Perhaps you want to chronicle how your family has grown throughout the years. Or maybe you want to show what life was like for you on your last vacation. Whatever you decide, use the theme to help narrow down your selections of photos to feature. If they don’t fit the direction you have taken for your gallery wall, put them up for later.

  • Decide how you’ll arrange the photos and artwork.
  • The size of the photos makes a big difference in how you’ll arrange them. SnapCanvases are 5 x 7. You can buy several Kits and hang them horizontally, vertically or add them along with artwork and wall décor to create a unique look that you love.

  • Choose the photos you think will work best based on wall size and theme.
  • Having the option to print your photos and wrap them within seconds is highly beneficial. As long as you have our Kits available, you’ll be able to choose three of your favorite photos per Kit to switch out when you want to update your gallery wall. If you want to take a seasonal approach to decorate, select pictures of your family during a specific holiday such as Halloween or Christmas. Then, when the next season comes along, put the photos of your choice onto the snap frame.

    A wall gallery is deeply personal. It reflects your values, life experiences, and is representative of your family. Choosing the right photos to display proudly allows you to communicate an idea or play into a theme that adds personality to a room. It makes it feel more genuine and unique like you.

    SnapCanvases Allow You to Rotate Photos Whenever You Feel Like It

    One of the most impressive things about SnapCanvases is that each Kit allows you to create three interchangeable canvases. You can switch out each canvas sheet whenever the mood arises. That means that for every Kit that you buy, you have three options to display at different times on your gallery wall.

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